How to use J-Concierge

How to use J-Concierge

How to use

Just follow this simple flow.
You don’t have to feel trouble at all. Just send us a request and you will receive the translation with our quick response.

1. Application

Please apply from the order form here.
You can pay by PayPal, with your credit card.


2. Registration and usage guide

You will receive the registration and usage guide soon after we confirm your payment.
Please read through them.

3. Send question by the question form or the fax

Please write your question about Japanese in the question form and send it.
One of our staff members reply back to you within regular hours.

4. You will receive the reply within 72 hours as a general rule.

simply helfpul

This is our basic process.
There are two courses: one time use and monthly basis use.

For one time use is the process above.
For monthly use, you can use the service anytime you want for a month.

(Please see ‘Price’ page for more price information.)

Apply now!
Our staff members will reply you immediately while you are expanding your imagination with curiosity.

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