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Terms of Service : J-Concierge

Article 1: (General)
This term of service is applied to J-Concierge (jconcierge.net, hereinafter "Service") and people who access to the service(hereinafter "users").

Article 2: (Communication)
This Service is dedicated to communicate by the application form and emails except for the exceptional prior agreement. We are not responsible for the communication which used other way. Contents of communication is valid from the moment the information is uploaded to the website of J-Concierge (jconcierge.net) –hereinafter "the website"- for the service classified from J-Concierge, and from the moment the request from the user has confirmed by the Service. The service is communicated either in English or Japanese.

Article 3: (Contents of the service and counter value)
This Service provides users an answer within certain period for any request related to Japanese. Price, period and other condition is defined on the website. However users need to accept the extension of the period in case of requesting the contents which require survey or at the time of crowded condition of requests.

Article 4: (Prohibited Acts)
Following acts and the causing thereof are prohibited. The Service has the right to terminate the provision of services to the user, and to reject the use of the future in case the Service consider the users’ act apply to the acts indicated in the article. In this case, the Service is not required to return the consideration received already, and in case the act is recognized as especially egregious, it is possible to make a claim for damages and injunctive relief for violations.

  • The act does not align the usage of Service indicated on the website.
  • The act that is offensive to public order and morals such as for the purpose of the defamation of people, facilities and so on.
  • The act to abuse and misuse the system of the Service.
  • The act to abuse the staff of the Service by using verbal violence, sexual harassment and insult.
  • The act of destruction towards the system and email address of the Service by using computer virus and hacking.
  • The act to collect, save and disclose private information of the people related to the Service.
  • The act to use the Service by using others’ ID.
  • The act to republish the contents issued by the Service on the website, email magazine and emails without permission.
  • The act to use the Service against the good intention of the Service.
  • The act to request to go beyond the regular practice of the Service in quantitative and qualitative manner.
  • The act to request apology for the comments that disagree in the interpretation of issues related to Japanese.

Article 5: (Privacy)
The Service is committed to protecting private information provided by users and maintains and uses the information according to the law. However, that does not discourage from introducing associations and activities related to the Service towards users.

Article 6: (Copyrights and Intellectual Property)
Any copyrights and intellectual property rights regarding the contents provided from the Service belongs to the Service. The Service enables to use secondary the request from users and the answer provided in the ezine, lecture and literary work according to the provisions of the preceding article. However the Service has to protect the confidentiality of the request, answer and communicated information to the maximum extent possible in line with users’ desire.

Article 7: (Refund)
The Service makes no refund the fee that is paid by users except for the condition ruled by the governing law provided in the Article 11.

Article 8: (Deductibility)
The Service accepts no responsibility on any event that occurred to users after the use of the Service.

Article 9: (Withdrawal)
It requires submitting the withdrawal notice to stop the service for Monthly Use Plan users. And the withdrawal notice has to be submitted by the end of the previous month when users wish to withdraw.

Article 10: (Term of validity)
The content of the term is valid after users complete, terminate, or stop the use of the Service.

Article 11: (Governing Law, Language and Jurisdiction/Arbitration)
The formation, operation and interpretation of the term is governed by the laws of Japan. For any event such dispute cannot be resolved regarding the service, the dispute shall be resolved by the Osaka District Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction. The arbitration shall be done in Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan and agreed to resolve by Japanese language.

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