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Need Help In Japanese?

Need to get information written in Japanese language(nihongo)?
Want to say something in Japanese?

But there’s always language problems get in the way...
Mysterious Japan, as English is not the language to communicate...

need help in Japanese?

Please do not worry about it anymore!
We are the one and only "service agency of Japanese language" in the world.
We will always be at your Japanese service as a "J-Concierge".

Your inquiries and emails will be translated immediately into Japanese.

For example, when you want to reserve a country inn in Japan, but find it difficult to communicate in English. Or you want to order a customized Japanese craft(ware, dyed fabrics, etc), but it’s hard to explain the details.

crafts in Japan   Japanese text

That’s when you need us!
We will provide a perfect Japanese translation for you.
And you don’t have to worry about the any reply spoken or written in Japanese.
We will translate everything into English.

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We will translate any Japanese information into English!

Do you want to know about Japanese comics not yet translated into English?
Do you want to know about J-POP lyrics?

welcome to Japanese pop culture^0^

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Japanese Local Document Translation and Procedures Support Services

Are they showing no expression?
Difficult to communicate?
You don’t have to worry about it anymore!

we make it easy

Once you get to know them, most Japanese are friendly.
We will support your communication and life in Japan for you to break the first language wall and fit in the Japanese society.

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Other Services

Or here’s other ways to use us; a lot other advantages you get from J-Concierge.

Here some examples:

[check]You can know any recipes of Japanese cuisine right away.

[check]You can apply for any Japanese local tour.

[check]You can get any tourist information in Japan.

[check]You can order a customized traditional craft from the Japanese webshops though they only understand Japanese.

[check]You can get the translation of Japanese catalogs or brochures you would like to investigate immediately.

[check]You can put up your items for auction sites in Japanese to make it easier to sell items in Japan.

[check]You can have the realtime information of Animes and Mangas(Comics) newly made in Japan.

[check]You can find the right Kanji for tattoos and advertisements with our support.

[check]You can communicate in Japanese with the person you are interested, and help you know them better.

[check]You can send messages and cards in Japanese to your family members and friends.

[check]We will help you to learn greetings and phrases in Japanese to get to know your Japanese clients better.

[check]We will translate the English website to Japanese.

[check]We will translate simple Japanese instruction leaflet.

[check]We will translate Japanese Wikipedia of your favorite Japanese artist.

[check]We will help you reading Japanese housing layout, and translate instructions.

[check]We will help you translate the list of products you would like to buy in a Japanese department store and prepare the memo to show them.

[check]We will help you writing the application form for schools in Japan.

[check]We will translate your resume into Japanese.

[check]We will tell you how to transfer train in Japan.

[check]We will translate Japanese train timetables.

[check]We will help you to read or pronounce Japanese celebrities’ name.

[check]We will translate Japanese menu with some description.

[check]We will translate announcements and notices in your apartment.

How do you like that?

it is your chance

You must have found out that our service is so convenient and wasn’t there before!
GET YOUR J-Concierge NOW!

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An episode from one of J-Concierge users called ‘Ms.A’.

The request from ‘Ms.A’ was to translate a tourist guide in a website. ‘Ms.A’ found a beautiful picture of Japanese scenery and wanted to visit there. She wanted to know how to get there. Her enthusiasm of visiting the place made her apply for this service.
‘Ms.A’ was impressed by one of our staff members’ professional and thoughtful translation.

As ‘Ms.A’ searches further from the translated website, she has found out that the place looks like her favorite place in US. ‘Ms.A’ felt a fate and got excited. ‘She also arranged the trip by using J-Concierge service.When ‘Ms.A’ has finally arrived at the place, A was too moved to leave the place for half a day.


She kept returning back to the area, got to know the place very well.
(‘Ms.A’ could get all the Japanese information translated!)

Now ‘Ms.A’ is a frequent visitor of the place.
Everybody knows ‘Ms.A’ around the area and popular among kids, they are now building a good relationship.

we're friends

Japan is not a mysterious country.
It’s the place full of opportunities which you still haven’t found yet.
A little Japanese will bring you a great opportunity.

If you have the first step with smooth Japanese, you will have your next step easer and faster. You will have more chances to boost you up just by getting Japanese phrases you want from J-Concierge.

Feel free to use us like coming to your favorite cafe!!

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